I started a project called changelogger. This project is a very simplified version of Towncrier but written in Go.

I can already hear you say: Why?. Well, Golang isn’t the main goal here, but the fact that I can distribute this tool as a binary without care about the developer environment. There’s no problem with Python (to tell the truth, Python has been paying my bills for ten years) but, I wouldn’t like to force a Golang/JavaScript/Java/[put here your favorite lang] dev to setup a python environment only to use a simple tool.

I used towncrier in my last python projects and I just love how the tool helps me to keep my changelog updated without git conflicts, so I want to continue to use it (or some similarly tool).

That’s how changelogger was born, with only limited features that I’m used to using in towncrier.

Check the repository, get the binary on release page or install from the source with go get